Friday, February 25, 2011

Cindy, the TV's leaking!

During the break between Fall semester and Spring semester (February-April), the students who've only applied to stay half a year make their return home to their native countries. For the students who were staying for Spring semester, most of them spent their break traveling around Japan or nearby countries. Unfortunately that leaves Kaikan practically empty and it can get pretty spooky there all by yourself! And so there I was, the only person left on 3rd floor... all of the 4th floor residents had either gone home or were on vacation. I think most of 1st and 2nd floor was also partly if not completely empty.
At first I was fine with it, but then I started hearing noises like thuds, bumps, and footsteps and it scared the shit out of me because those floors were supposedly vacated! To make it worse, at the time I was living there, the 3rd floor of the building had dim lights that flickered on and off constantly. The Kaikan is also located next to a cemetery and sometimes the gate would be left open, oh god! I was never bothered by any of this before, but just being the only person on your floor can be terrifying especially when you're a big chicken like me. I was so afraid and paranoid of every little sound, I even had trouble sleeping for awhile. I mean I love watching J-horror but I'm a total wimp when it comes down to it. I just kept imagining scary stuff happening like... something from the Grudge pop-locking out from beneath the blanket and grabbing me while I was in bed. Don't even remember how many times I burned my eyes because I was too afraid to close it while shampooing my hair ahhh.

Eventually though everyone came back and we even had new students moving in. But I never forgot how spooky the Kaikan could be given the right circumstances and an overactive imagination. That's actually the main reason why my friend and I decided to film a "scary" movie there. It was the perfect location. Hey the best way to face your fears is to laugh at it.

Pop, lock and drop it!

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