Monday, February 21, 2011

Toilet Diaries

Never, and I mean NEVER!! eat food from the hostel's communal refrigerator.. haha I've learned my lesson. I think having food poisoning might just be the worst illness to have while traveling. I could not make it more than a few minutes without running to the bathroom. OMG it was so awful. Just traveling from Kyoto to Osaka was pure torture, I felt so sick.

Our first night there, we slept over at Popeye's Media Cafe. It was pretty nice and very cheap, we got unlimited access to drink machines and a shower, plus a private booth to sleep in. The only downside was we had to be out by 5am. So you know what? After leaving Popeye's my friend and I went into the Osaka train station and slept in the bathroom stalls, yea that's right! true bums. Hey don't judge us! it was cold outside and there were no chairs in the station (Kyoto station had no toilet paper and now Osaka station has no chairs?? wtf JAPAN!)

Anyways the only seats available were the toilet seats so yeaaaaaa. I was certainly in no condition to walk, or sight-see, or even try new foods. We decided it'd be best to just take it easy that day and get a room. Thank goodness for J-Hoppers! best hostel ever, they had a room available for us so we checked in right away. And I have to say, many thanks to my friend who got me crackers and medicine because they really helped quiet my stomach down. Luckily most of my illness had passed by the next day.

So yea kids, if you're traveling always bring toilet paper, medicine, and crackers... and stay away from questionable food and condiments left in the fridge by other travelers.

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